Our Business Plan and Whitepaper are very comprehensive and contain all of the details related to the Token Distribution Event for the BULLIONBLOCK diversified multifaceted smart fintech group.

The BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is an enterprise-level P2P community-led platform www.BullionBlock.World that integrates with a multifaceted business model — comprised of four individual yet complementary fintech businesses which operate through the BullionBlock Digital-Wallet; the Digital Financial Services and www.BullionBlock.Cash (Remittance/Money Services & Banking-as-a-Service/Digital Open Bank) the decentralized Digital Exchange www.CryptoMint.Exchange along with the R&D Lab www.BullionBlock.Tech

The BULLIONBLOCK Fintech will operate two payment gateway platforms to the global market. Namely the as a White-label BaaS and Digital Wallet Debit Card service, and the fintech as a Blockchain Mobile Remittance/Financial service.

Each business operates completely independently, this enables natural synergies, financial security and collective know-how that is derived from operating across interdependent disciplines in the financial technology sectors.

It is important to note that this is a brief summary taken from the Whitepaper that was compiled and written from our Business Plan.

Please refer to the Whitepaper itself for a more detailed information document relating to the Token Distribution Event (TDE) before you decide to make a contribution and support the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK project.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK (CMBB) is a Stable Token to be exclusively offered in this private Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK (CMBB) Token Distribution Event (TDE). CMBB Tokens do not guarantee a profit, and no company profits are offered or guaranteed.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token Distributional Event (TDE) is the logical, second step to distribute all CMBB Tokens with respect to the whole BULLIONBLOCK project vision.

  • Token Event: The CMBB token (Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token) is the name and symbol of our token used in the token sale to raise capital for the BULLIONBLOCK business plan.
  • Voting Rights: CMBB token holders have voting rights on a 1:1 token to vote ratio. Votes take place on BULLIONBLOCK protocol related matters including functionalities, services, upgrades, ethics, and transparency rules of the ecosystem, excluding  voting on the Founding Community program – only Community Founding Members have community voting rights.
  • ERC223: CMBB tokens are issued as Ethereum standard ERC223 tokens at the time of token event. After the Token Event, all CMBB Tokens will migrate into the companies Crypto Mint BullionBlock Blockchain as (non-voting) economic shares in the form of Tokens.
  • Team Vested Lock-up: 12 Months period.
  • CMBB Tokens: could be used within the ecosystem to gain access for free financial products and services. The CMBB Tokens will only be listed exclusively on the Crypto Mint DEX and will not be listed on any other exchange.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Tokens are unique and stable, they will only be available on the CMDEX post-TDE. The CMBB Token has a liquidation option in the smart-contract to ensure that the price per CMBB Token does not fall below the token event price. This mechanism creates a price floor for CMBB Tokens, giving the TDE further stability.


The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token (CMBB Token) — is a stable digital global currency within the BULLIONBLOCK Payment network that can be held and spent the way we use any fiat currency as money, the CMBB Token will initially have a target value of US$8.00

A “stablecoin” is a (digital currency) cryptocurrency that is pegged to a stable asset, for example gold or the U.S. dollar. It’s a currency that is global, but is not tied to a central bank and has low volatility. This allows for practical usage of using crypto currency like paying for things in everyday life. An optimal stable – cryptocurrency should have the following four traits: price stability, scalability, privacy, and decentralization – the CMBB Stable-Token meets all these four traits.

The CMBB Tokenomics offers a buyback pre-IPO of the company. In this way the founders provide the option for the Token Holders to either migrate their tokens into pre-IPO Shares prior to the company listing on the GEM Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, or take the buyback option. This ensures the net worth of the CMBB Tokens will keep increasing with time.

The Token Distribution Event funding will be used to implement the development of the blockchain fintech financial services solutions, our operational business plans, and to source new talent from around the world.

The allocation of Token Sale funds plan for the project was developed in order to estimate effective ways to implement BULLIONBLOCK, and also to protect the interests of its Token Holders. Based on the total amount of funds attracted, we plan to develop our project under two potential scenarios, funds will be invested in the business to launch the platform globally.

The funding scenarios assumes our Business Plan is implemented in 2 stages for both Target-Caps. Our action plan if Hard Cap target is not raised will be to continue the BULLIONBLOCK project as planned, with scale and functionality adjusted.

Fund Allocation

I. Complete legal and tax structures and incorporation’s (Korea, Japan, Canada, USA – Wyoming, Philippines, India, Cambodia and the EU – UK & Malta); and Registration with all authorities as a Money Services Business in accordance with License conditions in all jurisdictions (USA FinCEN, UK HMRC and FCS, Australia AUSTRAC, Canada FINTRAC, Hong Kong CCE, etc.)

II. Headhunt key executive professionals and source high-quality experienced personnel (Management, Board Directors, IT, Sales, Customer Service) – Let the world know BULLIONBLOCK provides opportunity and recruit leaders in all positions needed as the first new hires on the team

III. Complete Stage 1 – Licensing: Money Changer/Remittance/E-Money Licensing Applications (Australia – AFS, HK – MSO / SVF, Singapore – MCR, Korea – FSS, Canada – MSB, USA – MTL/MSB, Japan – FTSP, Philippines – RA, India – PPI, Cambodia – MCL); Implement USA Third-Party Money Transmitter License (MTL) Agreement, and License applications (New York BitLicense and USA MSL) with White-label Contract for Cryptocurrency / Stellar platform for VISA Bank approved Crypto-Card services (Including Stage 2 – integration for EEA market); Implement White-label BaaS/SaaS (BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT, SEPA) Platform License solution affiliate partnership for the UK/EEA market

IV. Establish global value-chain strategic partner affiliate program

V. Prepare the Company for Stage 2: Digital Open Banking License Applications (AU, HK); and implement integration with global Blockchain Banking White-label partnership

VI. Build Bullion-backed Blockchain Technology Fintech platform (BULLIONBLOCK Digital Open BaaS- Stage 2 Roll-out)

VII. Setup the BULLIONBLOCK Money Services Offices – Hong Kong & Sth Korea (Establish Asia Money Services Business Operations)

VIII. Setup the Crypto Mint Exchange and Office – Australia

IX. Setup 24/7 Customer Service Control Room and HQ Office – Singapore

X. Setup Blockchain Lab & Financial Services Office – Malta/EEA (Establish BaaS White-label Business Operations)

XI. Setup Financial Services Office – UK (Establish BaaS White-label Business Operations)

XII. Setup Financial Services/Customer Services Office – USA (Establish Crypto-Card White-label Business Operations)

XIII. Initial Bullion Purchase (50/50 Gold & Silver) & Storage Facility – Singapore | The Cayman’s

XIV. Execute Gold Mining MOU – Cambodia and complete Global Bullion Dealers Program

XV. 24 Month Operating & Setup Costs (Customer Service, Insurance, Data & Security services, Administration, IT, Staff, Legal, Accounting, Bullion Storage)

XVI. External Legal and Accounting and Auditing services

XVII. PR, Marketing & Branding – Digital Advertising campaign

XVIII. Legal, auditing, Accounting preparation of the company for IPO on the GEM Board of the Stock Exchange Hong Kong

XIX. Global Launch Plan and Business Operations Implementation Roll-out – Full Business Plan Roadmap (Stage 2)

Soft Cap Scenario

Stage 1: The plan is to commence business operations under the Remittance/Money Services Licenses catering to the South East Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australian markets. Implement the Rollout of the global Blockchain Banking Affiliate partner White-label business operations. Implement and launch the White-label (Crypto-Card Services) business operations in the USA and the White-label (BaaS) in the EU (EEA & UK). In order to build the core revenue streams so that the company is established and positioned for the planned IPO on the GEM Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Stage 2: To then plan for the IPO and a further capital raise as required for the second phase of the business to transition into digital open banking service worldwide. Investing in the new industry licenses to operate out of Hong Kong and Australia, followed by our Malta and EU expansion plan to scale the business by implementing our global strategy business plan.

  • Running Cost 19%

  • Legal & Auditing 1%

  • Sales & Marketing 9%

  • Bullion Assets 23%

  • Initial Set-Up Cost 46%

  • R & D 2%

Hard Cap Scenario

The Hard Cap is the optimum scenario that will see the BULLIONBLOCK project launch and rollout the full Business Plan with the fully decentralized Crypto Mint DEX and BULLIONBLOCK digital banking blockchain platform White-label partner affiliate licensed for worldwide financial services delivery. Implement our EEA (EU & UK) legacy banking and Cards White-label licensed business operations, and the USA White-label Crypto-Card licensed business operations.

The Hard Cap includes the investment of the public Hong Kong Gem board listed company, and the capital budget required for operations and global marketing campaign, to setup and establish offices with key staff members for the financial services operations out of Hong Kong and South Korea, the decentralized exchange office operations out of Australia, the Customer Service centre in Singapore (Head Office/Parent Company) and the R&D Lab and Fintech office in Malta which will be attached to our EU/EEA financial services branch office in the UK.

Stage 1: Is to establish the Crypto Mint DEX along with the Asia region Remittance/Money Financial Services Fintech in key corridors/jurisdictions, along with the two diverse White-label partner business operations in the (Crypto-Card) USA and the (BaaS) EU (EEA & UK); the worldwide Blockchain White-label BaaS business operations. The Company IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Stage 2: Is to launch the Hong Kong and Australian Digital Open Banking platform with the  integration of the Stage 1 Financial Services business platforms into one global fintech App accessed via the BullionBlock (Bullion-backed Blockchain Fintech) Wallet. Implementation of the global expansion roll-out to include all other designated key corridors/jurisdictions (Target Markets).

A worldwide active expansion of the project will require considerable capital for legal and licensing, marketing, recruit leaders for key business roles, establishing offices and general operations, along with investment in the company for the IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

  • Running Cost 11.5%

  • Legal & Auditing 1%

  • Sales & Marketing 5%

  • Bullion Assets 27%

  • Initial Set-Up Cost 54%

  • R & D 1.5%

TDE Parameters

Total Limited Token Supply: 13,125,000 CMBB

Token Name and Symbol: CMBB (Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK)

Token Type: Ethereum – ERC223 (For Token Event Only)


Hard Cap: $73,500,000 USD

Soft Cap: $12,000,000 USD

Fixed Token Price: $8 USD = 1 CMBB Token

Purchase Methods: All FIAT (Debit/Credit/Wire) ETH, BTC

Token Supply Available to Public Supporters: 9,187,500 CMBB (70% of Tokens)

Token Supply Available to Private Supporters: 131,250 CMBB (1% of Tokens)

Token Supply Allocated to Contributors and Advisers: 656,250 CMBB (5%)

Token Supply Allocated to Founding Team: 918,750 CMBB (7%)

Token Supply Allocated to Founding Community Program: 131,250 CMBB (1%)

Token Supply Allocated to Company Reserve: 1,575,000 CMBB (12%)

Token Supply Allocated to Bounty Program: 262,500 CMBB (2%)

Token Supply Allocated to Airdrop Program: 262,500 CMBB (2%)

Lockup Vesting Period: Founding Team, Advisors & Contributors Tokens are Vested for 12 months. with a 30% Unlock after 6 months which can be liquidated on a 5% monthly basis; and the remaining 70% of Tokens to be Unlocked post-IPO. The Public, Company Reserve, Founding Community, Bounty & Airdrop Tokens Unlocked immediately post-TDE (Token Distribution Event).

Bonus Tokens: Not Applicable To Anyone.

No Hidden Caps

Token Supply Value

Public Sale $73,500,000 70%
Private Supporters $1,050,000 1%
Founding Team $7,350,000 7%
Founding Community $1,050,000 1%
Contributors & Advisory $5,250,000 5%
Bounty Program $2,100,000 2%
Airdrop $2,100,000 2%
Company Reserve $12,600,000 12%
Total Token Value $105,000,000 100%

The TDE Starts in

Time is up, sorry!

Token Allocation

  • Public Supporters 70%

  • Private Supporters 1%

  • Founding Team 7%

  • Founding Community 1%

  • Contributors & Advisors 5%

  • Bounty Program 2%

  • Airdrop 2%

  • Company Reserve 12%

How To Participate

BULLIONBLOCK uses ETH and BTC addresses, and bank accounts for Fiat currency for the TDE. Please see below for addresses, and follow the instructions. Please note, you need to enter the address of your existing ETH wallet, and or a bank transfer.

Using ETH and BTC

  1. Follow instructions on this website
  2. Check the website address and the security of the connection
  3. Click get the tokens button and follow the instructions carefully
  4. Select whether to pay with ETH or BTC
  5. Insert your ETH wallet address to verify correctness, and you will receive your tokens
  6. You get the ETH / BTC address for the payment
  7. For every payment copy and paste the donation address
  8. Make the transaction using your ETH / BTC
  9. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive the CMBB tokens at your ETH wallet address

Using Fiat Currencies

  1. Follow instructions on this website
  2. Check the website address and the security of the connection
  3. Click get the tokens button and follow the instructions carefully
  4. Select to pay with Fiat currency
  5. Select the country currency
  6. Insert your ETH wallet address to verify correctness, and you will receive your tokens
  7. You get the bank details for the payment
  8. Make the transaction using direct bank wire transfer, or bank deposit
  9. Once your transaction is confirmed, you will receive the tokens at your ETH wallet address

The TDE will use the is Ethereum platform ERC223 token standard specification that allows token transfers to behave precisely as Ether transactions, focus on security and efficiency utilizing event handling to prevent tokens from being lost in unhandled transactions.

Exit Strategy For Token Holders

We recognize that the Token Distribution Event supporters (Token Holders) in any start-up company, no matter how good the Whitepaper is written, require ultimately the need for an exit vehicle. Therefore, the founders feel that the pre-IPO stage is the option best suited for the Token Holders to trade and or turn their CMBB Tokens into readily tradeable cash.

The CMBB Smart Contract includes an Exit Strategy option for the company to buy back the CMBB Tokens pre-Token migration into pre-IPO Shares. Prior to the IPO listing the company will follow the legal administrative process and contact all Token Holders and as per the Smart Contract to advise and request options offered to be chosen by each Token Holder.

Our purpose is to provide the best means by which to protect the Token Distribution Event supporters (Token Holders) interest, while maintaining the potential growth of our company, along with the liquidity and profitability of the company’s future operations.

Many profitable companies go bankrupt because of cash flow deficiencies. For this reason our main concern is to have sufficient cash on hand to meet our payment obligations, and be prepared for unexpected needs of cash that may arise from the external risks mentioned in the Whitepaper for our company.

If you missed out on the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, you do not want to miss this! For the crypto-community, this is your chance to be one of the first crowd Token Holders of a Start-up project set for explosive increase of market share.


For the crypto-community, this is your chance to be one of the first-crowd Token Holders of a Start-up project set for explosive increase of market share. If you missed out on the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, you do not want to miss this!