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The western monetary system is a Ponzi Casino!

They have built a global economic order with lies & deception that has seen the wealth of the people transform into debt and the greatest crime of century takes place right in front of our eyes…but, the general public have contributed and continue to support the same system that has turned them into debt slaves!

Yes, living on credit cards and overdrafts whilst claiming your successful is absurd. Debt Does Not Equate To Wealth!

Between the US Federal Reserve Bank and the London Gold Market Association (LBMA) which is loosely overseen by the Bank of England we can clearly see the concept of ‘Unallocated Gold’ accounts and positions, where bullion banks use a fractional reserve bullion banking system to trade huge quantities of ‘Gold’ that simply does not exist!

The LBMA Clearing and Vaulting data has again revealed the fraud of the London ‘Gold’ Market. There are relatively small quantities of physical Gold holdings in the LBMA London vaults to underpin the huge amount of ‘Gold’ trading that takes place on the London Gold Market.

There has only ever been around 190,000 tonnes of Gold mined throughout history, although we have an equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of ‘Gold’ that is ‘traded’ in London on an annualized basis.

So, we continue to have huge ‘Gold” trading volumes but the vaulting volumes of real Gold are very small…

Do your own research; it doesn’t take a genius to work out what is truly going on… The ending to this scam that has started to leak onto the MSN is going to be very ugly!

I have been look forward to the day when the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) replaces the LMBA… But first, we will see the RMB replace the USD.

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