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The Shanghai Gold Shock Is Close!

The suppression of the gold price has been the norm for over 20 years by the West, the constant cancer on the financial body, the enabler of unbridled debt and monetary growth. The methods are many to manipulate the Gold price, which cannot be all listed, since to be honest, some are extremely hidden and are managed in secrecy.

The basic methods are to conduct naked shorting of the gold futures contract, selling paper gold, never delivering it, and perpetuating the process with more naked shorts. The sleepy compromised CFTC does not enforce any laws, certainly not against contract fraud.

Since June 2012, the gold futures contracts have been settled in cash, giving their full bloom of the synthetic name. No lawsuits come, since the players would be banned from the COMEX criminal arena.

The SPDR Gold Trust (aka GLD Fund) is an exchange traded fund. It supplies gold bullion to the COMEX in surreptitious manner, by basically robbing the investors of their base inventory. They produce certificates, short the shares, use all kinds of devices, and walk away with the metal off the ramp!

Many are the FOREX derivative devices that keep the gold price down. The main centers for manipulating the gold price are four:

• The Basel Switzerland hive with the Bank for International Settlements is a major control center, home of the uber-bankers.

• The London site for the Goldman Sachs gold desk is another major control center, next door to the scandalous Gold Fix.

• The New York Fed is another major control center, which also specializes in stealing official gold accounts.

• The JP Morgan Chief Investment Office is another two-sided major control center, with vast tentacles to all important markets. It has offices in New York and London.

• A hidden office could be in the Rome hive, which might contain more telephone and teletype messages than actual market orders.

The pattern of banker control to the Gold market has a deep vulnerability! They cannot use unlimited paper gold contracts, since some degree of attachment to gold collateral is required. In other words, the gold suppression requires some gold bullion as basis.

The reported ratio of paper gold claims to the actual gold supply within the banking system is around 100 to one in ratio. It grows worse (higher) every year. The Great Gold Game cannot be continued in perpetuity, since the paper gold requires an inflow source of actual physical metal gold in the form of gold bullion.

The New York hive is running low, if not close to empty! The GLD source is running low, if not close to empty! The London hive is running low, if not close to empty!

The Basel hive might not be running low on gold bars, but they might be close to their limit on willingness to provide gold to the system, which redirects it to China. The Rome hive might also be low on willingness to provide gold to the system.

Both Basel and Rome might be in the process of negotiating a role in the next chapter after the Global Paradigm Shift is completed!!!

The Gold market cannot be fixed by paper gold on a repeated basis, surely not in perpetuity.

When the Shanghai shock comes, all the Paper Gold structures will fall, all the FOREX derivatives will collapse, all the control rooms will go into panic mode.

The gold market is rallying in the Yen terms, in the Euro terms, the RMB terms and in the Can Dollar terms.

The Swiss have ignited a global gold rally! They very likely covered a short gold position in a complex arbitrage trade. The gold price decline from the $1900/oz level began at about the same time the Swiss announced their Euro 120 peg in late 2011. The gold reversal begun exactly at the time of the Swiss de-peg decision.

It is easy to conclude that the Swiss National Bank financed their Euro peg by crushing the Gold market. In the three and a half years during their peg, the gold price lost one third of its value on the corrupt COMEX market.

With the Swiss lit fuse, there is no turning back! The reversals are significant now!

In Switzerland, the people were given a hefty gold price discount due to the rising SWFranc currency. In China, the Government has been publicly encouraging its people to buy gold.

The Gold price in USD terms will be the last event, the ultimate event in confirmation of death to the US-UK-Anglo Global Economic System!

People had better prepare themselves for some conclusion events, certain to occur with fireworks on a global scale.

The USDollar is soon to go away, put to rest, killed off. Its rise signals its demise. The hidden dismantle of the Petro-Dollar mechanism has been eerie, mysterious, and full of intrigue, to say the least!

The Gold Standard will return, but through the trade window. The solution to the untreated Global Financial Crisis is the gold route. The Eurasian Trade Zone will be built upon the ancient gold route, as we now see a revival of the Silk Road. It cannot be stopped, not even by war!

The safe haven is not the US Dollar or the Stock-Market, but rather Gold & Silver bars & coins, otherwise defined as real money!

The crisis is better described as the Global Monetary War! Any nation wishing to establish trade or a monetary system centered upon gold is branded a rogue nation, subject to extreme propaganda.

This is precisely why China and Russia are being vilified, since they want no more US Dollar in trade or banking, and lead a global movement to discard the USD as the global reserve currency.

The solution is with precious metals as the core to banking, trade, and currency, even wealth preservation. The new 2019 year will be exciting for some, but painful for most!!!

The hidden agents of change are working at hyper-speed now!

The US Dollar is doomed, and its captains are running for their lives not knowing what to do!

The Cartel in Washington are not worth bargaining with… Better to treat them like many nations are now treating them, like fire ants and bothersome fleas and diseased rodents…

What happen to = ASSAD MUST GO? Huh, Whast happen Kim in Nth Korea? HUH?

The return of the Gold Backed Global Economic System to its primacy is long overdue, and on the way, along with the return of the Rule Of Law!

It would be fun to watch, except the vile bankers will cause more wars!

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