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The Adventure Begins – BULLIONBLOCK Crypto Mint

For the first time the big four Australian banks that control 85% of the market are about to face real competition on several new challenging levels at once, as ‘neobanks’ enter the Australian banking market.

Our Business Model & Plan (BULLIONBLOCK) waited for Hong Kong to introduce the long-awaited Digital Banking license throughout all of 2018, these new licenses were released in September.

Furthermore, we have been waiting in hope that the Australian regulators will introduce new Banking licenses for Australia since 2017, this is now a reality.

Our business plan (BUSINESS PLAN – June 2017) clearly states:

That the rapid advances in FinTech and the sharing economy are largely driven by increasing preferences for forming community-based peer-to-peer connections, which are transforming how people manage their money, interact, work, consume, and produce.

Blockchain technology facilitates the creation of financial architectures which reorganize society into a set of networks, avoid single points of failure, and reduce concentration of market power.

So, just as the Internet reinvented communication, blockchain has disrupted financial transactions and contracts, the underpinnings of business, government, and society.

And just as Airbnb completely upended the travel and hospitality business, BULLIONBLOCK will do likewise to the Money Services and Remittance industry.

BULLIONBLOCK is creating efficient, highly secure, and sustainable mobile digital banking solutions that put people before profit. Offering the lowest fees worldwide based on innovative blockchain technology, the main aim is at converting the world’s unbanked population throughout the developed and undeveloped nations into contributors on the global economic level – and this will benefit the world GDP.

Our purpose is to improve living standards for all people worldwide by empowering everyone with the same equal economic might, no matter of geographical location and or status.

BULLIONBLOCK is designed for everyday personal banking, business banking, as well as for the banking needs of local, state, and federal governments. As such, the company is focused on the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) route and beyond.

To sign up and have a BULLIONBLOCK Account is essentially a Borderless Bank Account. In other words, like a local bank account in any country, but all over the world.

The BULLIONBLOCK e-Wallet will come with a co-branded international Debit Card offering the lowest fees on the market for our users’, and is a multi-currency account that will initially hold over 40 different fiat currencies along with all the main cryptocurrencies.

One account to pay bills, send money, receive money, and or spend money all around the world, On-line & Off-line.

Our low transparent fees will save the user (customer) money by converting between the currencies at the real live exchange rates, we have NO hidden fees and we will be much cheaper than the banks and other current financial institutions (Fintechs).

BULLIONBLOCK is the world’s first digital banking platform based on the original banking system – backed by gold (and silver) physical bullion assets, allowing anyone anywhere, to achieve financial autonomy free from the clutches of third parties such as banks, payment processors, and credit providers.

The BULLIONBLOCK agenda is to make mobile banking a new digital experience with payments/remittance that are easy, accessible, and coordinated on our highly efficient, decentralized blockchain platform.

At the end of the day, power without purpose is powerless! The real power comes from creating something that offers value to someone’s life. BULLIONBLOCK is a product aligned with universal values — and that makes it all the more meaningful.

Hold Tight & Stay Tuned – we are working together with our Robots 24/7 to build BULLIONBLOCK, and we will deliver a seamless financial ecosystem that combines an evolved regulatory blockchain algorithm with artificial intelligence to finally put financial power back where it belongs – in your hands.

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized!

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