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We appear to be culturally programmed from the moment we come into this world to the moment we die…

However, the cultural attributes we maintain as important values are most often the ones that are reinforced by the external culture and environment, which in reality are simply ‘valued opinions’. If you are born into a society which rewards competition over collaboration then you most likely will adopt those values in order to survive… While the integrity of our machine-processing power and memory is contingent, in part, on genetics the source of our actions come fundamentally from the ideas and experiences installed on our mental hardware by the world around us since birth… Our biological computer, the human mind has an evolutionarily-installed operating system which does all sorts of weird and wonderful things… Therefore, there’s a very common propensity for us humans to find something that works for our needs given the social structure, and then to hold on to it for dear life regardless of new conflicting information which might rationally expect a logical change to occur. Change tends to be feared, for it upsets our system, any time someone dares to present an idea outside of or contrary to the establishment programming the reaction is often a condemning of the idea as blasphemy or a conspiracy, or simply absurd.

In fact, members of society often become so indoctrinated by their socially acceptable norms, that each person’s very meaning is framed by the dominant established value system and the interpretation of new information is consciously, or even sub-consciously, prefiltered to be consistent with their prior biases. And the problem is not some government, it’s not some legislation, it’s not some rogue corporation or monopoly or cartel, it’s not some flaw of human nature. It is, in fact, the economic system itself at its very foundation. The market system, monetary system, free market capitalist structure, whatever you want to call it is not only the source of some of the greatest social problems we face today it is also setting us up for what could be called the terminal stage of this disease where the pathogenic social value cancer has mutated and multiplied to a point where we are now faced with nothing less than the death or collapse of modern society as we know it…

Are there solutions to the problems so many nations and cultures face today across the globe?

Yes, there are… But they are outside of the status quo and a threat to those in power, both politically and economically that they are just outright dismissed as irrational and absurd. The self-appointed guardians of the status quo won’t even hear it because it’s far outside of their reference and identity – we need urgent Radical Political & Economic Market Reform

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