The TDE CMBB Token will use the Ethereum platform ERC223 token standard specification that allows token transfers to behave precisely as Ether transactions, focus on security and efficiency utilizing event handling to prevent tokens from being lost in unhandled transactions.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Tokens (CMBB) are directly tied to the underlying assets of the BULLIONBLOCK LTD, with a unique liquidation option in the Smart Contract. This ensures price protection as it is not able to fall below the token’s TDE price.

Furthermore, the CMBB Tokens will only be listed on the Crypto Mint DEX and will not be seeking to be listed on any other exchange. This ensures the integrity of the CMBB Tokens and platform, to ensure price protection against unwarranted outside interferences.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token (CMBB) is a stable-coin exclusively offered in this private Token Distribution Event (TDE).

Where is BULLIONBLOCK incorporated?

The parent holding company is incoroprated in Singapore, and the HQ for the Fintech is incorporated in Hong Kong, with the Crypt Mint DEX registered in Australia with accounts.

When will the BULLIONBLOCK ECOSYSTEM start operating?

The company will establish the BULLIONBLOCK FinTech by the end of Q3 2019, along with the launch of its own exchange, the Crypto Mint DEX, by the end of Q3 2019.

What Are the Benefits of the Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token (CMBB)?

  • Realistic TDE conditions with a Hard-Cap (no soft cap or hidden cap)
  • Product-fit Short Time-To-Market
  • Strategic Corporate (Legal & Tax) Structure
  • Official Eco-System Community with Benefits
  • Financial Exit Strategy for Token Holders
  • Stable Token with aligned incentives

Use CMBB Tokens to pay any fee on the CMDEX platform, including, but not limited to:

  • Exchange Fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Listing Fees
  • All other fees are applicable

The event offers opportunity to be the one of the first crowd Token holders of a Start-up project set for explosive increase of market share.

How are the Funds raised Allocated?

The crowdfund will be used for the final setup phase and operations costs of the company, including setup of company for IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as per the full Business Plan roll-out.

  • Implementation of Company Business Plan Roll-out
  • Source and enroll key personal and highly skilled talent
  • Fintech Office & Operations Set-Up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia
  • Commence preparations for the Lab Office & Operations Set-Up in Malta
  • Set-Up Hardware Technology Blockchain Ecosystem (Data, Security, Servers, loT)
  • Complete Bullion backed Blockchain and Smart-Contract Network development
  • Complete API, e-Wallet, Android/iOS App & Payment Gateway development
  • Full back-end API integration of the Banking and Remittance affiliate partnerships
  • Bullion acquisition & storage in Singapore (50/50 Gold & Silver)
  • Acquisition of Shareholding in a Gold Mining Company
  • 24 Month Operating Budget (Administration, IT, Staff, Legal & Accounting)
  • PR, Traditional Marketing & Digital Branding Campaign
  • Establish the Global Community Program structure and website
  • Application & legal expenses to obtain a Remittance License in Singapore
  • Application & legal expenses to obtain Financial Services License in Australia
  • Application & legal expenses to obtain a Money Service Operators license in HK
  • Application assessment of additional licenses in Australia, Hong Kong and Malta
  • Structure/Prepare License and Incorporation applications for other planned jurisdictions
  • Legal structure and expenses for Public company listing on the SEHK
  • Auditing & preparation for the IPO in Hong Kong
  • Legal and Tax expenses (24 months)

The capital funds raised will provide BULLIONBLOCK the opportunity to execute the Business Plan and MOU Acquisitions to launch the business operations model in the market.

How to support the Token Event?

The BULLIONBLOCK TDE uses ETH and BTC addresses for donations, and bank accounts for Fiat currency donations. For addresses please follow the instructions at www.crypto-mint.io. To donate, you need to enter the address of your existing ETH wallet, and or a bank transfer as explained on the Token page and in the White Paper.

Is there maximum or minimum amount of Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK (CMBB) Tokens I can buy?

No Limits.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Start a Live Chat: Click on the icon at the bottom right of this screen to start a Live Chat with the team is the fastest way.

Email: Ping your questions over to us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you usually within two hours.

What is the maximum amount I can send via a bank transfer?

There is no maximum transfer amount.

How do I complain?

If you have a complaint the best way to contact us is via the in-app chat. We often get really useful critical feedback from customers, so please be clear that you’re making a complaint when you get in touch. We wouldn’t want to misunderstand the situation and not follow our full KYC complaints process. If you make a complaint and are not satisfied with the outcome you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. For more details you can visit their website.

You can also Email us [email protected]

How do I participate?

Refer to the White paper and or the token event page on his website and follow the steps as instructed.

Is this an ERC-223 Token?

Yes. When the BULLIONBLOCK is completed, each CMBB will be exchanged 1:1 with the main CMBB Token.

We chose the Ethereum platform ERC223 token standard specification because it allows token transfers to behave precisely as Ether transactions, and it focuses on security and efficiency to prevent tokens from being lost in unhandled transactions.

What advantages does the BULLIONBLOCK Payment Gateway offer?

BULLIONBLOCK is a borderless payment gateway and will begin its journey with an e-Wallet linked Debit card Mobile App, for local and international remittance with peer-to-peer functionality.

The BULLIONBLOCK e-Wallet App will allow seamless access to users’ funds and grant them the ability to direct them wherever required, including other existing bank accounts.

BULLIONBLOCK’s CMBB Token distribution incentives solve the adoption problem, thereby offering one global Payment Gateway that integrates many of these breakthroughs, such as:

  • Bullion Backed Money Services
  • Very Low Fees (Minimal)
  • Fast and Secure Cross-border Instant Transfers
  • No Account Fees
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • No Currency Exchange Commissions
  • Multi-Fiat and Cryptocurrency e-Wallet
  • Debit MasterCard linked to e-Wallet
  • Friendly and Supportive Personalized 24/7 Customer Services
  • Easy to use interactive Mobile App and Desktop App
  • Buy, Sell, Receive, Transfer from a single interface and digital wallet
  • A real alternative to banking
  • A decentralized Bullion-backed Blockchain fintech platform offering independent financial freedom
  • Experienced team with a passionate commitment

The Bullion Backed Fintech, BULLIONBLOCK, represents a bridge between the real world and virtual world by creating a safe haven store of value onto the blockchain powered digital payment gateway and stable-coin system.

The BULLIONBLOCK User will be able to easily access their e-Wallet and a connected Debit-card so they can use online to pay bills, transfer and or receive money, offline in stores or to pay bills and withdraw cash from virtually any ATM around the world.

The BULLIONBLOCK e-Wallet has Peer-To-Peer options that allows for direct transactions, with built in tools such as Smart Contracts for independent Peer-To-Peer transactions functionality.


The BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is an enterprise-level P2P community platform www.BullionBlock.World that integrates with a multifaceted business model — comprised of four individual yet complementary fintech businesses which operate through the BULLIONBLOCK eWallet; the Digital Financial Services www.CashCrossBorders.com and www.BullionBlock.Cash the decentralized Digital Exchange www.CryptoMint.Exchange and the R&D Lab www.BullionBlock.Tech

BULLIONBLOCK will operate two payment gateway platforms to the global market. Namely the CashCrossBorders.com as a SWIFT service, and BullionBlock.cash fintech as a Blockchain service.

Each business operates completely independently, this enables natural synergies, financial security and collective know-how that is derived from operating across interdependent disciplines in the financial technology sectors.

BULLIONBLOCK is a Payment Gateway & Digital Mobile Financial Service ecosystem, combining initiatives of entrepreneurs, investors and service-providers into a community that allows every participant to benefit by avoiding being ripped off by Banks and deceived by governments.

It is a community-based FinTech platform on Blockchain that allows the user to control their own money and to not have to pay high Banking fees and Remittance costs.

The Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token (CMBB Token) – a stable cryptocurrency that can be held and spent the way we use any flat currency as money.

The platform will serve the interests of each and every user worldwide equally. BULLIONBLOCK is focused on the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) route and beyond.

BULLIONBLOCK is designed for remittance money services, everyday personal banking, business banking, as well as for the banking needs of local, state, and federal governments.

A BULLIONBLOCK Account is essentially a Borderless Bank Account. In other words, like a local bank account in any country, but all over the world. The BULLIONBLOCK e-Wallet is a multi-currency account that will let you hold money in most fiat currencies along with the main cryptocurrencies. One account to pay bills, send money, receive money, and or spend money all around the world.

The Blockchain technology does still require trusted middlemen to perform services and functions, but their roles and responsibilities change dramatically. For example, BULLIONBLOCK is similar to a bank, but will only offer the financial services that empower people by promoting economic inclusiveness that leads to a higher quality of life.

BULLIONBLOCK will operate through an app, leveraging AI technology and using Big Data to provide a seamless 24/7 financial service that aims to better the lives of the User (the Customer).

BULLIONBLOCK is as equally committed to maximizing profit as it is dedicated to the Philosophy of ‘People Before Profit.’

What is the purpose of BULLIONBLOCK?

The purpose of the BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is to be an end-to-end solution to the current expensive interconnected, debt driven broken down global monetary system that is enslaving the general public worldwide.

For example, the Australian people have been cheated and exploited to the tune of about $3.1 billion a year. Moreover, most Australians have no idea how much they’re effectively being robbed.

Capital Economics released a report in 2017 that explained Australian holiday-makers, business travelers and businesses paid over $3.9 billion on foreign currency fees in 2016, and this immoral behavior is not specific only to Australia.

This is a common unethical trend across all western nations, along with the constant increase to the cost of living. Another pattern has also emerged in all the developed nations; another example is Canada…the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 1.3 percent from a year earlier, compared with a gain of 1.6 percent in April 2017. The three ‘core’ measures of inflation used by the Bank of Canada to predict where prices are headed also were weak, averaging 1.3 percent.

Furthermore, another example taken from the Financial Sector Bailouts, Sovereign Bailouts and the Transfer of Credit Risk Report by the Department of Economics, University of Melbourne in the case of 5-year CDS spreads over the period January 2006 to July 2015, the correlation between the German and US sovereign CDS spreads is 0.84, the correlation between the German sovereign CDS spread and the CDS spread for Deutsche Bank is 0.88, and the correlation between the CDS spreads for Deutsche Bank to all other banks worldwide.

People all around the world are paying exorbitant fees just to send their own money to one another! According to figures from a comprehensive United Nations paper on global remittances the global migrant worker economy, is a $3trn industry consisting of over 200m people sending home $445bn in remittances that is used in the support of 800m people.

To put it another way, nearly one out of seven people on the planet is supported by this global migrant worker economy, and these flows of capital are increasing. Between 2015 and 2030, an estimated $6.5trn will be sent to low – and middle – income countries in the form of remittances.

A serious concern to BULLIONBLOCK is the macro picture that is emerging in the economic markets. People are starting to question the on-going ability of the monetary and banking systems to manage interest rates, it is not unreasonable to think that the western banking system could be at risk of failure, especially if we take into account that most banks, if not all of them, have failed the stress-tests over the past recent years.

While the bankers and policy makers seem content to ignore the growing problem, our concern is that if the general public is not prepared to act when the market unexpectedly awakens to a correction, then there will be millions of victims from the reversal of many years of the low-interest rate price controls and asset price manipulation.

As the Central and Federal Reserve Banks continue to prop up the financial, monetary system through printing more and more Fiat currency, the death of paper money is therefore inevitable. While it is true that the Federal and Central banks have been able to postpone the day of reckoning, the inevitable collapse of the current Fiat monetary system will make the 1930’s Great Depression look like a picnic.

The entire financial reporting structure of our governments is specifically designed to support and promote the fundamental lie that our Fiat currency system is sustainable. The information that the mainstream news services tell us is not supposed to inform you, but pacify you and provide a continuous lullaby-narrative to delude you into believing all is well and to question nothing as you do not need to worry.

The inter-play of public and private risk is now one of the foremost challenges facing policymakers and regulators in the world’s advanced economies, yet much remains unknown about the sovereign–financial nexus.

The present cross-country heterogeneity that is systematic and worldwide is imploding and heading towards a total collapse of the current western monetary system, in other words, the western nations are in a race to the bottom.

The Bank bailouts caused by the 2008 Global Economic Crisis (GFC) played a key role in the management of systemic risk at the height of the GFC has only resulted in a short-term fix to a broken down system. These bailouts are a pyrrhic victory as they transformed the relationship between the financial sector risks and sovereign risks, leading to the emergence of a self-referential loop, which will eventually contribute to a major sovereign debt crisis in the USA, Australia, NZ, Canada and Europe.

Today, we are witnessing a global backlash against the Banks and regulators. For example, ordinary people along with businesses are being ripped off worldwide through exchange rates and high overseas card fees, and soon high interest rates and high inflation.

Historical events such as the 1930s Great Depression and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, demonstrates that all Fiat currency systems are prone to failure. BULLIONBLOCK is the vehicle to protect and preserve your money, and if a bank holiday is declared in your country, or the market shuts down, or the internet falters – you are not affected.

BULLIONBLOCK is creating efficient, highly secure, and sustainable mobile digital financial (money) solutions that put people before profit.

Offering the lowest fees worldwide based on innovative Blockchain technology, BULLIONBLOCK is aimed at converting the world’s unbanked population into contributors on the global economic level.

For further information please refer to our White Paper and other Company documents.