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Economic Reset – Aug 2019

Are You Ready? – there are going to be lots of opportunities to both make and lose money!

The derivatives crash starting in Europe could be the first domino to fall… The manipulation of the markets is over and the new world order agenda will fail…
Banking, trade, and even our systems of government and the way we organize ourselves as a society, are all based on anachronistic traditions that don’t belong in the 21st century!

These systems are changing!

This happens from time to time in human history. Kingdoms and Empires gave rise to the feudal system. And the feudal system was ultimately displaced by the nation state.

This time is not different, only a fool thinks the nation state will last forever!

Dominant reserve currencies have changed over time, from the Byzantine gold solidus, to the Venetian ducat, all the way to the US dollar today.

We cannot expect the Fiat Currency USD system to maintain its position forever!

Wealth and power are shifting! Central bankers are running out of ammunition and lies!

Almost every major western government and central bank is on the brink of insolvency if not already bankrupt!

And, as markets crash around the world, government solutions are becoming more crazy!

There is nothing the banking cartel can do! They are out of bullets – unless they use the only ‘TOOL’ they should have used back in 2008 = A GLOBAL DEBT JUBILEE!

The manipulation is at an end!

Developing nations are already creating their own alternatives to the US-dominated financial system. Modern technology is turning the commercial banking system into an endangered species!

And people from all over the world are finally starting to get sick and tired of their system of government!

Isaac Newton said – that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. And the changes to our current global systems are very much in motion!

The Entire Global Economic & Banking Systems Collapsed in 2008 – and have been held up by tooth-picks ever since!

The Pretending Is Ending!

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