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BULLIONBLOCK Is an All-In-One Financial Ecosystem

The BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem is an enterprise-level P2P community platform that integrates with a multifaceted business model.

BULLIONBLOCK is a gold and silver bullion-backed FinTech platform built using the latest in blockchain technology. Most notably, the platform takes bullion’s ability to smooth out economic volatility through timeless value and stability and integrates that with blockchain’s paradigm-defining security, speed, and peer-to-peer characteristics.

The public facing BULLIONBLOCK App seamlessly integrates the wide-ranging functionalities of four complementary FinTech tools — CashCrossBorders, BULLIONBLOCK Cash, Crypto Mint DEX, and BULLIONBLOCK Tech. Each tool has specific parameters and objectives, yet like a magnificent orchestra, they all join in tune to give a wonderful performance.

Two of those subsidiaries, namely CashCrossBorders and BULLIONBLOCK Cash, will handle two very different elements of the BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem. CashCrossBorders operates fiat remittances as a SWIFT service while BULLIONBLOCK Cash handles cryptocurrency transactions as a blockchain service.

A natural synergy exists between the two seemingly opposed services, thus enabling financial security and collective know-how that is derived from operating across interdependent disciplines in differing FinTech sectors.

Essentially, the BULLIONBLOCK App leverages the various ecosystem components and rolls them into one seamless platform experience:


✓ BULLIONBLOCK Wallet – The center of the BULLIONBLOCK App and ecosystem. Using the BULLIONBLOCK Wallet, you’ll have access to the entire ecosystem including CashCrossBorders, BullionBlock Cash, instant in-wallet exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies using Crypto Mint DEX, and a linked debit card (VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay). The BULLIONBLOCK Wallet debit card facilitates online and offline financial transactions using the inbuilt DEX, along with ATM cash withdrawals.

✓ – Operated through an affiliate partnership with a leading US-based money transfer software platform. Integrated into a worldwide disbursements network with payment providers and banks through the SWIFT system via a seamless API that enables user-friendly mobile money transfers.

✓ – Our global money transfer network built on the high throughput Stellar blockchain. Remittances and payments made using BULLIONBLOCK Cash will be significantly faster and orders of magnitude cheaper than speeds and rates using traditional money transfer services. Additionally, due to the immutability of blockchain, BULLIONBLOCK Cash is extremely secure and has both lower error rates and lower vulnerability to cyber threats compared to traditional money transfer services.

✓ Crypto Mint DEX – BULLIONBLOCK’s very own fully decentralized exchange. The Crypto Mint DEX provides fast and highly secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trades using an industry-low fee structure —  additionally, and very important, Crypto Mint DEX trades take zero commissions on currency exchanges. Underpinning the Crypto Mint DEX system is native Crypto Mint BULLIONBLOCK Token (CMBB) — a stable digital currency that is pegged to gold and silver bullion reserves. You can use CMBB just as you would any currency — except that CMBB is based on an incredibly stable and inherently valuable resource — physical bullion.

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