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BULLIONBLOCK Crypto Mint Announcement to the IMF

I feel somewhat bemused but also vindicated in light of the recent American MSN reports of warnings from financial experts at Elliott Wave International, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan that the global economy is facing a cataclysmic financial crash; along with today’s MSN headlines on the Royal Commission’s interim report released in Australia that found greed has permeated the Banking culture, the compliance of the financial institution sector, and that misconduct has gone to a large degree unpunished.

Gifted people such as Jacob Rothschild have read my reports since around 2015, others of this ilk have been reading my reports since 2012…it is a pity that the likes of Jamie Dimon and you lot here on LinkedIn do not!

I announced my new project in a 33 page document to Christine Lagarde and the IMF on the 7th of December 2017, with an attached letter explaining my strong beliefs that one day soon the rule of law will return with real money to the global economic system in the form of Gold and Silver Bullion backed assets.

I outlined my predictions that within five to seven years we will see this fraudulent system come to an end with the return of Gold and Silver precious metals as wealth, and that my project, the Bullion backed crypto-assets will become one of the trading units for transactions worldwide.

I stated that this monetary system has unsustainable global economic debt, and in my reality, it resembles a Ponzi Casino that is being controlled by banksters and not bankers. I went on to say that we are heading towards a significant market correction which will make the 1930’s Depression look like a picnic.

I clearly explained that I consider Bullion backed crypto-assets to be an incredible alternative to the current fiat system, especially in today’s global climate where government-backed currencies are constantly exposed for their shortcomings, and distrust in governance and banking is heading to an all-time high.

I advised that I am watching the popularity growing day by day as more and more people lose faith in their government and central banks’ fiat currencies, financial institutions and the debt inflated financial markets.

Furthermore, I pointed out that the immoral theft inherent in the global economic system will be exposed publicly for everyone to see that took place since, and during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. And that the fraudsters were bailed out by Taxpayers and rewarded for their crimes while everyone else took the loss.

I also wrote how saddened I had become due to the crimes taking place against the general public, and reminded Lagarde of the IMF that financial affairs are an indispensable feature of modern life and as such, they have a substantial influence on human livelihood and well-being.

Christine Lagarde was in Africa at the time, but the news of my highly secured express airfreight parcel and contents was leaked and spread swiftly to the elite banking community in HK and NY.

So, the time has arrived for me to now announce this project to the public. I operate from a position of compassion and I am deeply saddened by the continual failings of the current global economic system. Events such as the Libor Scandal and the 2008 GFC, along with today’s news of the interim Banking Royal Commission report in Australia has found that the banking sector has a culture of misconduct, and now we hear a calling for punishment by politicians and the federal Treasurer of Australia. This clearly proves that there are existential problems within the banking and financial sectors, and change is necessary!

For what I can see, our so called modern society has reached Max-centralization, and the way forward for the future of humanity is all about De-Centralization.

I am excited to release into the public domain the project as a new alternative to the traditional banking sector, where we can re-establish control and ensure that the funds we earn are both stable and meaningful, but more importantly not vulnerable to the greed and mishandling of faceless banks and corporations.

The project which is named the BULLIONBLOCK Crypto Mint, will benefit the common man; BULLIONBLOCK Crypto Mint was created to carry this project and is attracting a diverse cultural cadre of leaders with exceptional skills and capabilities joining the founding team to serve the project’s vision.

The project mission is to develop the Bullion backed Blockchain Fintech platform, which is designed to return sovereignty to the User!

If you resonate with what you have read, and have a passion for equality for all, then you are welcome on the team to help accelerate this technological evolution. Contact our team via

The company website is online outlining brief information relating to the project that can be seen on

Yours Truly,

Ilias Bafas

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