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BULLIONBLOCK — A Pillar of Stability in a Volatile Era

Stablecoins tend to be backed by unstable assets like fiat, but BULLIONBLOCK is opting to peg to solid gold and silver bullion instead…

As the race for launching a widely adopted Stablecoin that isn’t Tether heats up, BULLIONBLOCK is introducing an ultra-stable-currency on a global payment financial technology platform backed by physical gold and silver bullion.

While existing stablecoins peg their tokens to assets in constant flux such as fiat, and questions persist around whether those tokens are backed by actual fiat in reserve in the first place, BULLIONBLOCK is getting straight to the point with its bullion-backed digital token payment system.

What is the point, you ask? Cryptocurrencies are meant to create an alternative to the existing order of government-backed, central bank-issued currencies that currently pervade the world.

Through decades of mismanagement and poorly executed monetary policies, those currencies have left widening wealth inequalities, disastrous banking scandals, and volatile values in their wake. By pegging stablecoins to those very same problematic fiat currencies, crypto projects risk following a lineage of economic disaster.

BULLIONBLOCK, in contrast, is backing its stablecoin with physical gold and silver reserves under its ownership. Gold and silver bullion are historically stable and inherently valuable assets that have been prized by myriad civilizations over countless years. In times of great economic duress, gold retains its value better than any other asset in existence.

By combining blockchain, an incredibly secure distributed ledger technology, with the crisis-proof stability of gold and silver, BULLIONBLOCK is taking the stablecoin game to a new level.

BULLIONBLOCK Is Launching the World’s Most Secure Stablecoin and Digital Payment Platform!

The idea of creating a stablecoin that brushes off the pressures of global economic forces is not a new one – but to date, no one has gotten it right. Stablecoins have caught on in such a major way that even Facebook, arguably the most well-known company in the world (and perhaps the most influential one as well) has thrown their hat in the ring after going public with their intention to create a stablecoin for the Whatsapp messaging platform.

However, even Facebook gets it wrong. They’re likely going to peg their stablecoin to a basket of financial currencies which is a step in the right direction, but it’s not only a step that’s required – a leap is what’s truly needed.

BULLIONBLOCK is preparing that leap well by developing the physical bullion-backing blockchain fintech, CMBB (Crypto Mint  Bullion Block) stable-token, as well as diligently readying the launch of their financial services ecosystem and app on the Stellar decentralized network.

The importance of having an ultra-stable token backing the BULLIONBLOCK platform can’t be overstated. By having a token that maintains the rigidity of its value when all other assets are blowing in the wind, BULLIONBLOCK’s financial services ecosystem and app act as a digital oasis in which users can safely transact remittances worldwide.

An Immovable Blockchain-Based Remittances App

The BULLIONBLOCK App is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem for sending, receiving, and exchanging fiat and cryptocurrencies worldwide. With the introduction of its own stablecoin digital payment system, BULLIONBLOCK enables a completely autonomous, bank free financial system within which everyone can participate.

Everyone also includes the unbanked, a nearly two billion person strong segment of the global population that is currently left out of ecommerce because of worldwide banking dominance. BULLIONBLOCK decentralizes the flow of money and puts it in the hands of people everywhere to send, receive, and exchange it how they see fit – without the banks standing in the middle like tollbooth operators.

Most importantly, when you store your fiat and cryptocurrencies in the BULLIONBLOCK Wallet accessible via the smartphone app, you’ll have ironclad blockchain security protecting the integrity of the wallet itself and physical bullion reserves backing the value of the assets contained within.

BULLIONBLOCK Community Program, Token Distribution Event

BULLIONBLOCK is launching its token distribution event with the Community Program, an all-out effort to decentralize the founding and ownership of the BULLIONBLOCK ecosystem.

The way it works is simple – early supporters and adopters of the project will receive a free CMBB stabletoken that represents an early stake in the project as a founder.

Community founders will then take part in important decision making events such regarding the overall design and structure of the ecosystem. Additional perks include the option to migrate the token into pre-IPO shares.

However, the space for community founder allocations is limited and is sure to fill up quickly, so get on board early to secure your place on the BULLIONBLOCK founder’s community.

Receive your free CMBB token as part of the pre Token Distribution Event      Founding Community Program.

Signing up for the BULLIONBLOCK Community Program is quick and simple:

  1. Visit Our  Community Page
  2. And Signup To Become A Founding Member

Signup today to become a part of the founding BULLIONBLOCK Team and make history with the world’s most stable and secure blockchain-based financial services ecosystem.

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