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BB Genesis III.

“Hear ye, hear ye! Those who have giveth will also taketh.”

Traditional banking is on the way out. The signs are here, they’ve always been here – you only need to heed them.

As the seas part and make way for a new beginning, who will be there to provide financial security for the masses?

Like Noah and his Ark, we’re shaking things up. As the current banking and financial system sinks to the bottom…. Our Ark is built from Gold and Silver Bullion, and will remain afloat through innovative security and encryption of Blockchain FinTech.

BullionBlock – State-of-the-art security and encryption.

Your money matters. At BullionBlock we keep ourselves firmly grounded by bullion – gold and silver are famous for consistently keeping their value. When the banks finally crash and the financial world comes tumbling to the ground, we will be there to signal a new, modern, secure financial solution.

We’re poised to herald a new wave of innovative FinTech digital payment solutions, and we’ve got the right tools, too. BullionBlock’s digital wallet system allows us to guarantee our customers a cryptographically encrypted, borderless financial platform that will remain entirely under your control.

Let’s dive a bit further into our wallet system, shall we?

A stablecoin payment gateway, BullionBlock Wallet is used for all kinds of retail payments, harnessing dynamic tech and powerful encryptions – all starting with the humble QR Code.

When buying products or services through online merchants, if you use our mobile app you can scan a QR Code, purchase products, withdraw cash, and manage your sensitive data in the most secure way.

BullionBlock systems use 2048/4096 bit grade AES encryption for your data – this, alongside the inherent security features of a private permission-based Blockchain.

We use 256-bit military-grade encryption algorithms, safely storing your sensitive data within the Blockchain environment, absolutely mathematically impossible to hack – even Noah couldn’t navigate it.

Businesses are already exploring ways to use Blockchain, disrupting their industries in ways many could never have predicted. The benefits of this include: more transparency, greater security, enhanced traceability, and efficiency – a cheaper service with quicker and secure transactions.

We’re taking power back from the banks, and putting it into the hands of the public.

Three things we stand for above all else – Individual autonomy, financial freedom, and economic empowerment.

For too long, people have been forced to navigate their way through obstacles and hoops put into play by Building Societies and banks.

For too long , we’ve had no freedom to use our own hard-earned money.

FOR TOO LONG , our economies have been mismanaged by the financial elite for their own gain – now we can be in charge of our own assets.

The world bickers amongst itself while the wealthy line their pockets with money that could be invested elsewhere. It’s time to democratize and revolutionize the global financial landscape while we still can. Your money should be in your own hands – our platform just helps it stay there.

BullionBlock is a genuine Decentralized FinTech alternative to traditional Centralized Banking financial services.

We’re helping to create a decentralized financial infrastructure using our Blockchain-powered customer-centric FinTech.

And on the Seventh Day, we’ll begin shaking things up.

BullionBlock – a stable, secure solution for a 99.9% pure – 24 Karat, crisis-proof future!

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