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An Alternative to the SWIFT platform

The daily accelerating downward spiral being experienced by the entire world is specifically due to the ever-present reality—of a fake economy. The Low and Zero Interest Rate “experiment” has totally destroyed the post-WW2 economic order! (I imagine that the snotty-gang between Washington, the UK and Brussels have had a terrible festive season.)

As a consequence, it has given rise to the current precarious geopolitical state of affairs, that they obviously failed to take-in-to account in all their criminal schemes and adventures — due to their arrogant nature. For it is the Old World Order’s perpetual war economy that is the true cause of so much that ails humanity.

The rampant societal madness being observed in all of our nations is the outcome of a manipulated global economy that was put on steroids since the 2008 GFC, by the well-known international Banking cartel, aka the Financial Elite.

People simply can’t take the constant warmongering of the Left v. Right psychological control strategy, and all the confusion and devastation which occurs in its wake that is promoted by MSN!

As long as the Banksters (Financial Systems Elite) exert their degree of influence on the community of nations, there can never be peace in the world. Their fiat paper currency system that is driven by debt has failed…

In reality, all nations central banks trade in Gold every day, but keep this fact hidden from the tax payers!

The return of real money — historically being GOLD & SILVER, along with the Rule-of-Law shall return—and will create traumatic shocks worldwide !

In fact, history has shown us that only death and destruction await every corner of the globe when banking crime syndicates determine the destiny of nations.

Therefore, unless a critical mass of enlightened souls reverses the momentum, the world is guaranteed a Phoenix Moment — of truly epic proportions in 2019!

Furthermore, the Financial Elites plans and agenda for the Bank-Bail-In policy to be executed across all G20 nations is not the solution we must allow — a call to action for a Global Debt Jubilee is well over-due!

BULLIONBLOCK — is as an alternative Solution to the SWIFT platform for Worldwide Financial Transactions!

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